Personal Narrative Essay On Tu Tran's Life

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Tu Tran is my youngest brother, and having known him for all his life, I am shocked of this charges against him. It is completely out of character for someone as honest and upstanding as my brother. I am devastated as with the rest of my family.

We came from a large cohesive family of 13 siblings. Our father passed away back in 1988 leaving our mother raising us all on her own. Tu is the youngest boy in our family for whom my mother is most closed to. Tu has always been obedient, loving and caring son to our mother. Our mother was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent one chemotherapy treatment which she could not tolerate and was sent home on hospice care. We have been taking turns taking care of her. Tu always placed our mother’s interest first and foremost. He knows our mother’s only wish is to spend the remaining of her lifetime with all her kids/grandkids, therefore, he had initiated a family gathering every Sunday just to see my mother’s smile. When he is around our mother, he tried very hard to keep his tears in for he does not want to disappoint her nor know how to tell her of his wrong doing. She has already suffered enough battling with her own illness,
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With my profession as a registered nurse and my husband as an information technologist, we both required working long hours, extracurricular activities for our sons, such as piano, football, soccer lessons, practices or games, would have been impossible without Uncle Tu to take them. He would go to their practices or games just to cheer them on. These things may be minute to some, but for my two boys, it meant a whole lot. He makes them feel proud, special and loved. I could never forget what my older son once said with a big smile on his face "Mom, Uncle Tu is my #1fan, he is there for all my
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