Personal Narrative Essay On Turkeys

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Driving and driving we finally get to the house late and eat supper. Once we get to the house we set out all your gear and get totally ready for the morning. Once we set out all the gear and get the bullets and the guns ready we act like you 're going hunting in 10 mins. Sometimes we even wear all our gear to make sure it 's comfortable and still fits. Once we get our gear off we charge our phones and all our cameras. Then we set our alarms very early and get ready for the morning! Once we set your alarm for 4:30am and we wake up at about 4:35am we slowly start to wake up. we get almost all your camo on and eat a few granola bars and a glass of orange juice. Once we get the gun set and get everything in the truck you begin to drive…show more content…
We decided to set up a temporary blind because some more turkeys were coming right by us. These big gobblers were up the hill aways and were still gobbling in the trees. We set up a temporary blind and were ready for turkeys to come in down the path. Those turkeys were still in the trees but we weren 't sure if they had gotten down yet or not. We were watching and waiting for the big gobblers to walk out. We were waiting for these turkeys to come out right in front of us and I was ready to shoot. We weren 't sure if the turkeys were down yet but the first turkey was so we figured they were too. They kept gobbling to each other and racking off in the woods. The trees were shaking and we were getting nervous. Those turkeys never came but they were still in the trees just chilling. They never came down so we walked away and were ready for a better set up and a better blind. We got our decoys and all of our stuff packed up moved to a new location. After that first turkey walked away there was so many turkeys still gobbling and still in the roost. So we walked to another blind and started calling the other turkeys. They never came in but we knew there was many turkeys. We could hear them gobbling all around us but the sound was getting slowly faded. They never came in but we knew that they were there. So then we got up and started walking around and calling
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