The Day I Know Essay

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It was late, 8 pm to be more precise. I was standing on a sidewalk alone waiting for my mom like all the days. The horn of the cars never stopped. All the avenue looked like an ocean of lights. The cars passed like fishes of many colors. The electric train, which ran every five minutes, did not do much noise like cars. While I was watching the curious form of the traffic, my mobile phone rang. It was my mom so I answered. My face changed immediately. My mom told me that she had a problem with the car and she could not picked me up of the institute so, she told me to go alone by taking a bus. I did not know how to react at that moment. She knew I had panic gone on a bus without company. I was afraid that something could happen to me. Honestly, I had never gone to my house by bus.

I tried to calm down. First, I started to look inside my bag pack if I had enough money. Fortunately, I had it. I started to
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But before I left, a lady of 50 years old grabbed my hand and said me that she was looking at me. I did not know what to do because the fear had eaten me. She laugh and said she was not a thief. I never thought that a stranger could read my mind. She explained me she was evangelist and her only purposed was to help me. She said me “All the people have worries and you are not the exception. It’s time to overcome your fears, but do not stress, every cloud has a silver lignin”. After that, I got off the bus.

I was walking alone the street repeating in my head “It’s time to overcome your fears”. I felt happy and excited. That wise lady helped me to overcome my fear by talking. She gave me a clear example that not all people had bad intentions. After five minutes of walking, I arrived to my house. My mom was waiting me outside and received with a enormous hug. After that, I told her my experience on the bus. She opted to laugh and congratulate me. I knew that it was not going to be my last experience on a
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