Personal Narrative Essay: Playing On The Big Hill

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Finally, the snow quit falling. It had snowed for two days straight and now we had to go back to school. The plows had finished plowing, and they put all the snow in the recess area of the school. They formed two hills. When lunch came I asked my friends, we were in fifth grade, if they wanted to play on the big hill and they said sure. When recess came we stormed the hills. One was short and narrow. The other one was taller, wider, and more spine-chilling. It was about 20 feet tall and 35 feet long. The hill also had a higher section connected by a narrow bridge. It even had a section made of solid ice chunks. My friends and I reached the enormous hill, along with about 25-30 more kids. We were all playing different games when someone pushed a kid off the hill. After that shove, we exploded into a frenzy and started attacking each other. We wanted to be the only ones standing and we were gonna fight…show more content…
I worked fast and shoved the other two off. They were attacked by people they targeted. As we fought to secure it, when Jacob strolled in. I wanted To take him out again so I sprinted at him. When I reached him I went for the knee. He dropped with a wail of pain and fell off the hill. Cameron had two of his friends help us secure the section. We were now the only four who could be king. We decided to attack each other at the end for a fun conclusion. As the new champions, we had to defend our post. People began climbing the bridge, so I grabbed a small piece of ice. I aimed it at the kid’s shoe, but as I threw he slipped and it nailed him in the head. He screamed in agony, and slipped off the bridge, and fell down the steepest part of the hill. The bridge had become solid ice and incredibly slick. The teachers that were watching everyone had started to notice people crying and getting injured on our hill. This meant to play we had to be more tactical and sneaky than strong and
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