Personal Narrative Essay: Pokemon In The Real World

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Pokemon GO had been all the rage lately. Everyone, including adults, children, teenagers, and even grandparents, was hooked on the game. If you’ve been living under a rock, allow me to explain the app. Pokemon GO was essentially a game where you walked around attempting to find and catch Pokemon in the real world. You could later use these Pokemon to fight other opponents and their opponents. Of course, there’s probably more to it than that, but I assume its the basic premise. Although I didn’t play the game myself, I saw how easily it sucked people in. It was basically a virtual reality, and people were going crazy for it. Personally, I didn’t want anything to do with the game. At first it was because I didn’t want to be a slave to the trend,…show more content…
Every time I went anywhere in public, someone would be staring at their phone, walking around aimlessly. I would hear excited exclamations when there was a Pokemon nearby. It would be a topic of every conversation. Even in the news, the game was making headlines. I couldn’t believe it. Could the game really be that amazing? I had to admit, I was curious. In fact, I considered downloading it. How bad could it be really? The government seemed to be bombarding the media with all the positives of playing Pokemon GO. After all, the game got people outside and active. But at the same time, I was suspicious. I loved conspiracy theories and things that were slightly creepy, things that would make your skin crawl, things that would cause the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up. And I wasn’t gonna lie, some things that I had read or heard about Pokemon GO on the news did make me wonder. Someone had walked off a cliff playing the game. Multiple people who weren’t paying attention had almost gotten run over by cars. Kids who were out late trespassing while playing Pokemon GO had been shot at and almost killed. Most people would argue that those people were just being stupid, but maybe it was something more than

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