Personal Narrative Essay: Riding My Dirt Bike

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All things in life can be enjoyable but also unexpected. Everyone has their own natural high. My natural high is riding my dirt bike. Even though riding my dirt bike is fun, it can also be very dangerous. It is very important to always wear safety gear while operating an off-road vehicle. Remember to always pay attention to the surroundings. To begin, when I was 8 years old my mom and dad decided I was old enough to have a dirt bike. It was a crf 70f. “At age 5 or 6, they can be zipping around without training wheels and even taking small jumps on small dirt bikes” (Dirt Bike Planet). The second I rode it I was in love. Every chance I got I would ride. Once I grew out of a 70 I got an 80. The 80 had more power, was faster and had a clutch. The …show more content…

It took many days and lots of patience to figure out. When the 80 became too small for me I got a 100. The 100 was where I learned how to really ride. I spent the most time on that bike than any other. I had it for over two and a half years. In those two and a half years I started racing. My first time I ever raced I got first place and it was the best feeling ever. I was so proud of what I had accomplished and wanted to keep racing. But after I placed first in that class I got bumped up to a new class that had bigger bikes and faster kids. At the time I was still on the 100 and I was racing kids on bikes twice as big as mine. So, I would have to push myself so hard and go as fast as I possibly can. I never really did good in those higher classes until I got a 150 it was a bike that was strictly meant for racing and to go fast. Bad things happen when you try riding over your head and it did to me. I remember it like yesterday, I was in a race at Loaiza Dairy Farm and they have some labyrinth, gnarly trails there. But it wasn’t on the trail where I wrecked. It was in a wide-open field. The field was probably three

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