Personal Narrative Essay: Roughdraft Trout Fishing

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Essay: RoughDraft Trout fishing is a wintertime outdoor activity that only a true angler can genuinely appreciate. The long refreshing walks to the river while enjoying the peace and quiet of the woods is truly relaxing after a long stressful week. Although refreshing walks can be followed by not so fun, unnerving walks back to the vehicle in the dark. In the end, it’s all worth it just to be able to hold a beautiful rainbow or brown trout in your hand, if only for a moment. My first trout fishing trip with my husband was one I’ll never forget. We walked two miles down a long curvy dirt trail riddled with pine trees, armadillos burrowing through the leaves, and the prettiest cardinals I had ever seen. The pine scent filled my nose. It smelled…show more content…
It took nearly two hours to push him in the wheelchair down the trail to our fishing spot. Once we finally arrived there the fishing was amazing. We had so much fun we lost track of time. When we decided to head back to the truck twilight was upon us. I tried hard to not let my husband know that I had been extremely scared while walking back in the dark but nevertheless, he could sense the fear in my voice as we discussed the consequences of not keeping up with the time. Every single noise heard while walking made me feel like a child who desperately wanted to run away from all the monsters the eye can’t see. There was a daunting feeling that the boogeyman was going to jump out at any moment from the dark shadows along the side of the trail we were on. I had never felt more helpless than that moment in my life. By the time we made it back to our truck my legs hurt, my feet hurt, I was frozen, but most of all I was thankful we were still alive. Trout fishing has been an amazing experience. I have been able to explore so many different rivers, see so many different types of fish, not to mention the tremendous amount of quality memories I’ve gained with my
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