A Walk In The Woods: A Short Story

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The air was pretty freezing. If you moved you forehead an inch out of your sleeping bag you felt that tingling feeling that sort of felt like your brain was going to freeze off or something. But across the river that morning we saw that baby cub, pretty cute and all, following it’s mama around, but you know, it could kill us if it wanted. There were a lot of scary things in the woods. But the twelve of us girls were stuck in the woods -- no weapons, only thing close to one was a knife for cutting those avocados to put in our pitas for lunch. Anyway, we were crinkling those little pine needles on the floor making some game of it, and then that someone began approaching us, talking louder than anyone I’ve ever heard. My eardrums might have busted because…show more content…
None of ours was. We were a pile of chickens on the middle of the blue tarp, swallowed in our fear and almost completely sure that she was actually here to kill us or kidnap us or something. Well, you probably aren’t even worried about what will happen to me because if I’m writing this I have to have lived through that. When I think about it I was pretty idiotic to think that this was such a big deal. I don’t know. I just don’t have anything too interesting happen in my life. I don’t want you to think I have a boring life though. I mean, it is normal and not too interesting but I do have a life. Wow, I really need to stop caring about what people think of me. Back to my lame story now. Then this Amanda girl went over to our counselors and told them what happened. I just really didn’t buy it, but we were all trying to calm ourselves down. It was pitch black out by the way, and we were still shook. By now after a day of hiking six miles we just wanted to fall asleep and wake up to realize this was all a dream. But we could wake up tied together with ropes in a white van. My counselors were trained for this type of stuff though. Not this, but like safety in the wild and I guess that is even worse than some random
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