Personal Narrative-Europe Rivalry In My Life

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When I was younger, my father took me to see a Seattle Sounders game. My dad got tickets for the game about a week before the match was scheduled. However, the game we were going to watch live was not any ordinary soccer game, it was a Seattle vs Portland game. Many consider the Seattle-Portland rivalry the best in the league with how many fans get involved and overall how good the games usually are and for an 11 year old like myself at the time I could not have imagined I would be attending one of those games. The experience was not how I thought it would be like however. It was like opening a new set of legos, you're just so amazed at everything you do not know what to do. The game was set to be played on a Saturday, which was the day most soccer games were played at that time since that was how the schedule worked out. I remember my mother waking me up that morning telling me she had made breakfast. Back then I would wake up late around 11 am or 10 am, so it was not a surprise that breakfast was already made. To me my mother is a great cook, as everything she makes I happen to enjoy. After I finished my breakfast, I started to get ready even though my dad was not planning on heading out to Seattle for a couple hours. My dad was planning to leave around 3 since the game started around 6 in the…show more content…
There was a large line of people also trying to get into the stadium. For a line that stretched out for almost a block ,it went by quick and I was surprised by that. We were in line for no longer than 10 minutes. After getting to the front I realized it was because the workers were just scanning peoples tickets and letting them in. We got our tickets scanned and we proceeded to enter the stadium. Entering that stadium is a feeling i will never forget. When I enter a soccer stadium like centurylink it feels as if I am crossing to a whole new world. You see people cheering and having a good time and

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