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When I first saw my baby sister arrive at the Pittsburgh Airport, I kept saying, “She’s Skinny Minnie! She’s Skinny Minnie!” and laughed like crazy. The atmosphere was electric with excitement. I couldn’t contain myself as I ran around her carrier trying to see her even though she was sleeping. I truly didn’t know how this event was going to be changing my life. The night my dad carried “Baby Lucy” through the airport gates brought me much excitement and brought much, much more to my life.
The joyful adventure of welcoming my baby sister home began on a late night in October at the Pittsburgh Airport. I should tell you that my family videotaped that event. This video certainly helps me remember it in greater detail. Some of my comments have become legendary to everyone in my family. As I pointed out before, my excitement of first seeing “Baby Lucy” couldn’t be contained. It came out as, “She’s a Skinny Minnie!” along with my
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There were balloons and signs and flowers and decorations and even a decorated “Welcome Home” cake. Even though it was dark and very late at night when we arrived home, it seemed very bright with all the colorful decorations. It was like a party scene and felt like a celebration. I felt good about our home, but I felt even better when I got to hold my baby sister. I had suddenly become the big sister and was proud that I was big enough to hold her. Somewhat later, I expressed my feeling of pride by stating with an obvious display of accomplishment, “I’m the Big Sister, humph!” This statement has become a legendary one when we talk about “Baby Lucy’s” welcome home and is a source of laughter when we watch the video. I don’t remember going to bed that night, but I’m sure I did. One thing was certain and it was that my baby sister was still there when I woke up the next day. The adventure
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