Personal Narrative Essay: Shoot For The Moon

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Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”. This is a quote I have always gone by. I've always known that if you don’t try, then you’ll never know what could happen. Oftentimes, people regret not doing the things they wanted to do. Usually, they feel scared of failure. The reason I am explaining this is because this is exactly how I felt. I used to think that it was better to be contempt with what you had, instead of striving for more. Yet, all of this changed when I met this wonderful women. I was a six year old girl playing with my cousins at the park. It was at this park where I met this wonderful woman; her name was Connie. I saw her for the first time at this park, while she was walking her dog. I walked up to her dog and petted it. We soon became friends and would meet up often at the park. She would invite me to her house often. It was not long before she became a close family friend. She was such a kind and caring lady, that it was hard to not become friends with her. Continuing on, I assume she noticed my interest towards music and dance, because she soon offered to take me to dance and violin lessons. Although I always had a passion for the arts in general, I never felt like I needed to pursue it. These lessons not only helped my passion for music and dance to grow, but it also showed…show more content…
This is why thoughout the years I've tried to look for opportunities to help people. By looking back on all the things Connie did for her community, I noticed how important volunteering and doing community service. Not only does this benefit the person that is receiving the help, but it also benefits the provider. Indeed, doing community service molds a person’s character and personality. Perhaps this is why I was so eager to begin community
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