Personal Narrative Essay: Significant Change In My Life

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As if breaking an arm was not already hard enough. Having to move to a different state was the worst. I was going to be all alone. Just me and my mom its always been that way. I have never met or know who my dad is but what difference does it make. I broke my arm when I was riding my bike one day. I don't remember much of what happened that day. After my accident, my mom decided it was time to move closer to the big city where there were better doctors and more things to do. We had lived in my hometown all my life, so this was going to be a significant change for me. On the first day living in the big city, I bumped into a handsome guy. I knew it was love at first sight from that moment. But knowing the type of person I am, I knew I would never be anything to him. I was always teased around about the way I looked and the way I dressed. I wasn't the average and typical teenager. I had glasses, pigtails, braces, and I always had a mismatched style of clothing, but that was my style. I was often compared to the ugly duckling and Ugly Betty. My mom always told me not to listen to any of those comments, but sometimes it was just difficult not too. Some comments made me upset and hurt my
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I didn't know anyone, and that became a struggle for myself. For my first doctor's appointment, my mom bumped into an old lover of hers. He became my doctor. He was an amiable man. He took excellent care of me maybe it was because he was once my mom's love partner. After some time, I grew close to him and became great friends, and I cared for him. He even told me he would pay for me to go to a private school which his mother was in charge of. We would also go to different amusement parks, concerts, soccer games, and many other things we both enjoyed doing. I was even able to sing to him. I also once told him I looked up to him as a dad. And in my heart, that's all I could wish for… a
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