Personal Narrative Essay: Sixteen Years Up In Today's Life

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Sixteen Years down and who knows how many more to go.... Stuck in this world when you are different it is a problem, and it is so normal to conform. Ever since I was a child playing in play school I was free, I could do what I want, be who I wanted to be and most of all not be judged or pretend to be someone who I am not. Sixteen years later I find it frightfully difficult to try and find that freedom, try and be, well, me again. During school you are taught to follow rules. You are taught to how to be the person you are expected to be and how people want you to be, we are so ignorant to the fact that we are so easily manipulated by the people who claim they love,care and want us to excel in life but where are I? I am stuck, stuck in this never ending cycle of being the person who I am not. I am waiting for that little man to turn green and set me free. I’m sitting here thinking about and reflecting about my self trying to find out who I really am, but this is not possible. I was never taught. I was never taught to be my self. From the good old early day 's I was taught how to be like the other children, how to play like the other children, how to think,how to learn, how to BE like the other children.. and this is very tragic you might say, but I was taught no other way. It is so hard to have come to that realization that these past years have been such a waste of time, it is so sad to come to the conclusion that I am not who I am... This past year has been of self

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