Personal Narrative Essay: Taking A Short Trip

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As you can already understand, I 'm about to take a short trip.
It 's a one day trip. I love that kind of short trips. They are easy to organize and nothing is actually difficult to set up.
You don 't have time to get board in case you don 't like the destination (you have time to quarrel though-so be careful!) and and practically nothing to worry about.
Those trips are perfect if you want to relax, decompress your self from harsh everyday life. They leave you with the sweetest taste that makes you think 'Wow! That was easy, we can do it again very soon!"
If you 're lucky and nothing sudden gets in your way you WILL do it again soon. That 's how life becomes happier, full of possibilities and chances of calmness.
I travel often this way
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Disposable tissues, wet ones also! They are lifesavers especially in the car.
Umbrella! I always leave one in the car for any case! If it was summer I 'd take a hat also.
Map. Alway have a detailed map of Greece n the car. There is always phone maps, although on this specific trip we will not need much of a map.
I won 't take a phone charger with me but a power bank. I have also checked I have lots of internet connection MB.
I always keep in my wallet 1-2 pain killers. You may not always find money in there but You always fined "my medication"!!!
Id card, driver 's license debit cards, cash etc...basics!
I once more remind you and myself also that It 's only 1,5 h drive from home...not much!
When I was young, I 'd take a back pack, flip flops, a pair of shoes, jean shorts, underwear, swim suit, 2-3 t-shirts and left for 2 weeks vacation. If the case was a day trip, I ' d tale no bag at all. Money, Id cards and my car!
Well friends, I think I 'm done! I hope the trip will be safe and pleasant. Hopefully, I will gather lots of wine tasting experience, many information about twine tourism at Nemea, the "Bordeaux of Greece" as it is called. We will talk all about it in a future post.
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