Personal Narrative Essay: Taking A Trip To Mexico

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Over the Border Every year my family decides what to do for the holidays and where to go. Most of the time I have no say in it because my uncles insist on visiting or they invite us over. It doesn’t help that all of my family lives in Texas, California, and Mexico. This year has been the first time that we have spent Christmas and New Years here at home with just my family in a long time. Last year we took a long trip to Chihuahua, Mexico which is the biggest part/state of Mexico where my mother is from. This would be my fourth time visiting Mexico. Crossing the border is the most nerve racking thing that you could do and I know from experience how dangerous it can be driving to your destination. It was the December the week before finals and my parents had planned on taking a trip to…show more content…
The tolls are not all like the ones you see when you’re driving to Kansas City. The toll can be any corrupt cop or someone that owns territory like gang members. When people visit Mexico they only talk about the good parts and not the sketchy parts. There’s a ton of corrupt police in Mexico who pull over people from the other side(United States) just to make a quick buck. Hauling a load of stuff doesn’t make it any better, depending on how much you bring depends how much you pay the cop to keep him off you. If you do not pay him he could easily give you a ticket for something you didn’t do. Not only is the police system corrupt but so are the actual tolls that are posted up. These tolls are located everywhere and can get expensive. They are in every exit to a city and little small ranches. I enjoy my time in Mexico with my family when we are actually in the city but entering Mexico itself is a challenge and it’s easy to get lost if you don’t have anyone to guide you. It’s important to be extremely careful anywhere you go because there's always going to be people trying to take advantage of
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