Personal Narrative Essay: The 1975

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Picture this: you somehow manage to get your hands on a pair of tickets to see your absolute favorite band of all time, despite the fact that the concert was sold out long ago. You get the green light from your hesitant parents, who had never let you do anything like this before without adult supervision. As you are printing out the tickets, it occurs to you that will get the opportunity to experience the unfamiliar feeling of total freedom and control. Music has always been a definitive part of my life. My favorite band is The 1975, an English group whose music and style has always stuck out compared to other artists that I listen to. With that being said, going to a concert was one of my biggest dreams. My parents and I had always discussed the idea of allowing me to attend one, but they’d never actually let me go. It reminded me of a claw machine. As the claw approached the pile of stuffed animals, it seemed as though it would come up with something within its grasp, but it simply brushed up against the teddy bear…show more content…
It was my first concert, after all, and I wanted to remember as much of it as possible. The theme for the tour was bright, neon colors, contrasting The 1975’s previous tour, which had stuck to a strictly black and white régime. Once we were actually inside, it struck us as odd that we managed to situate ourselves roughly forty feet from the stage. Out of almost seven thousand people in the venue, we were among the first few hundred people up in the front. My proximity to the stage was surreal. One of my favorite songs on the album at the time, ‘This Must Be My Dream’, came to my mind instantly. It described my situation perfectly. Everything felt like an extension of my imagination at that point. The fact that we’d come face to face with the band soon was unbelievable. I was in a state of euphoria, and my mind was telling me that nothing could go
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