Personal Narrative Essay: The 3 Apples

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In California, there’s an Apple factory that Grinds apples to make The products. The Macintosh apple is grinded to make the MacBook retina. Because of Apple, Apples will be extinct. A group of apples choose to run away so they jumped off the mechanical belts and the apples were running. The rest of the apples ran away without a choice. There were Ibots, which are robots that make sure that every goes fine. the Ibots were chasing the apples, but many apples didn’t make it. Most of these apples were young, but there’s one young apple that escaped, and his name is Alan. Once the apples escape, they went to El Capitan. On the top of the mountain, there’s another factory and there’s one apple escaping.From where Alan can see, this apple’s a white…show more content…
The 3 apples are thinking about how to deactivate the dogs without getting caught. Eileen is short enough to pass the dogs without getting caught so she went across the dogs to go to the switch the dogs went to their nice mode. The dog’s eyes were green so that means that they’re in their nice mode. The 3 apples went across but a ibot took Eileen but since Eileen is small, she fell out of the Ibot and and she fell down. Alan caught Eileen and The apple helicopter came.There’s another helicopter and Tim cook yelled to the 3 apples “ well how exciting, the 3 rarest apples, amazing”. the apples jump off the bridge and the were in a very strong stream leading into a waterfall. 3 hours later, the apples were in Mavericks. They were on a rock and surfer rescued them and gave them carrots the carrots. the carrots got angry at the apples they called tim cooks and he came over. Alan said “Tim, look at what you 're doing. you destroying all of the apples and eventually the apples will be extinct. also, why are you doing this”. Tim cook sent the ibots to chase the apples, and the apples were running. The apples were screaming for help. In seconds, bill gates then defeated tim cooks and save the
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