Personal Narrative Essay: The Albany Baseball Diamond

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The tan sand around the bases with the growing green grass and old worn out cracked dugouts is where I would have been. The Albany baseball diamond was where me and my friends hung out. We would hit old worn out baseballs with the leather coming off of them and run around the aged bases and sleep on the old rickety metal things they called bleachers. The school right beside it also had a playground which we may or may not have supposed to be on.

Dairy Dream was just across the street with the delicious smell of hot chocolate fudge and the nose tingling scent of vanilla ice cream that filled the air. Every now and then we would walk over there and get some ice cream. I would always get the rainbow shaved ice which made me delirious every time I ate it.
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We had challenges to see who would get closer to the fence. Sometimes when we were throwing the ball, the ball would go over the fence and into their yard and we couldn’t get the ball back unless the owners were in the back yard to throw it back.

Every once in awhile we would see who could jump the old silver fence with yellow plastic faster or who could get first in a race. Sometimes we would find loose change that people left behind and fight over who would get it. We also would see who could climb the gargantuan fence first. I wasn’t much of a climber so me and my other friend watched.

We weren’t that bright either. During a baseball game someone got stung by a hornet and we put a bounty on the bees. We took flyswatters and whacked at them and there nests. We got stung a little but we sure did get those hornets.

The baseball diamond was my favorite place to hang out with my friends. We shared a lot of good memories there. Maybe we could do it again
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