Personal Narrative Essay: The Benefits Of Wrestling

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Would you want to do a sport where sweaty guys grab each other? Who doesn’t? This is the general idea of wrestling. I have heard this several times from my peers and I laugh every time that someone comments like that. Wrestling is more than just a sport, it is a lifestyle. Wrestling has taught me more than just hard work and dedication. Wrestling is one of those sports that you just so happen to have your summer body in the winter and vice versa. During wrestling you have to lose weight, spend countless hours waiting in between matches, and never being able to enjoy Christmas and Thanksgiving. At first glance wrestling appears like a dreadful sport, but in fact, it’s actually the toughest and most grueling sport in the world. I have…show more content…
These include countless hours of practice and even losing a few extra pounds just to have the muscular advantage over your opponents.” As I responded readily to do what is necessary,” Let 's do it, coach.” As you can see that losing weight for wrestling is what everyone loves to do with their little time that they have in high school. I have learned so much just from cutting weight in wrestling. I have learned that no matter what you always have a little extra gas in the tank.Whenever you feel down, lost, or hopeless there is always an end to the madness that is going on with your life and you have to make the best out of it. I also learned from wrestling is dedication and discipline. These two attributes have shown me that I can’t quit and that if I have to do something that I might as well give me 100%. In the end, at first, wrestling appears to be the most gruesome and time-wasting sport. After through all the heartaches and blood, sweat, and tears I would never change my decision to wrestle. This sport has made me into a person that my parents are proud of. Wrestling has also matured me into a more mature and respectful young adult. Wrestling is more than just a sport, it’s a
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