Essay About The Best Day Of My Life

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I remember shivering when I woke up but it was sunny. I made sure I looked fresh that day. I got in the car and I was nervous and talking a lot on the car ride. Everyone was earlier than usual. I met up with all my seventh grade friends. I compared my schedule to my friends to see if we had classes together. I heard the bell ring and I never thought I would meet my first love. I had Math first period, Mr.Gallaher right away I knew he was going to be a chill teacher. I was heading to my second period with my ball on one hand. I saw someone I remembered but not too well. I passed by her and she tried to hit the ball of my hand, I ignored it and went off. I got to second period I met Ms.Shankar, she seemed nice but it was hard to understand…show more content…
She is the most kind person i’ve met, the most funny, the most outgoing and her eyes the most beautiful i’ve ever seen. Every time I would look into them I would get lost in them. When ever I would make her smile it was the best feeling. That night what the best night of my life. It was the best Monday i’ve ever woken up to, the weather was perfect and I anxious to go to school. That whole week we either sat down or walked around the field to talk and know about each other. My friends would always say thing to me when I was with her and her friends would say things to her. It was the best feeling ever just being with her and texting her. Little by little days started piling up and we hit our one week together. We were texting that day and I sent her a song that I dedicated to her. It was my sisters first game and I went with her. I was hoping to talk to the love of my life but their was one problem. Her parents didn’t know we were going out and she didn’t want to tell them because they wouldn’t accept that we were going out. I had to talk to her as friends but nothing else. Sometimes it was easy others I was tempted to give her a hug. The next week had began, I would actually like school more because it was only then when I could hug

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