Personal Narrative Essay: The Best Softball Career

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Have you ever felt so passionate about a game you would do anything you could to play with the best against the best? The summer between my junior and senior year of high school was a summer to remember. As a softball player some of the best games to play in are the sparkler, the World Series, and All Star games. I had the awesome opportunity to play in one of these all star games. These games are such a great opportunity for any girl that wants to go somewhere with their softball career. The experience off the field, on the field, and what the games could do for a girl’s future are great experiences in themselves.
When I arrived at the fields to play my All- Star game I was not only excited to be there, but also full of nerves. The all-star games are held in Denver, with them being held there the field complex was large and full of people. The dugouts were sunk down and the stands were concrete built from field level
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On my team there were girls from Arizona, Alaska, Washington, Illinois, California, and Colorado. All ten of these girls had come together to show what we had. Even though we did not know each other, we were all there to back each other up and to make each other and ourselves look good on the field playing the game that we love.
Not only did I get to experience playing with girls from other states, but college coaches were coaching these teams. All-Star games like the one I went to are where a lot of girls will be first seen by coaches. When I was playing my game two college coaches had approached me about continuing on to tryout for their teams. I had kept in touch with both schools throughout the summer. From this experience I had the opportunity to go visit these schools. My parents and I had to drive to Kansas to tour the two campuses and to try out to see if they had really wanted me.
Playing in an All-Star game gave me the confidence in myself that I really needed.
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