Personal Narrative Essay: The Big Game

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When I was in 4th grade, I had a big game. It was the soccer game. In one day we had about 20 games, and each game was 10 to 15 minutes. When the tournament ended, I cried. When I came home with my mom when the game ended, I was still crying. My dad asked me “ Why are you crying?” So I replied “ We lost.” Then my dad said “ It’s ok to lose.” After I heard what my dad said to me, I cried for 2 hours. The reason that I cried was we were really good through the 1st to the 19th game and I also felt confident after the game ended. Because we did good, we went to the finals. Now here is what happened. I woke up at 6 am and I practiced dribble really hard. Since I woke up very early at 6 am, I was so tired that I called my mom to dad and dad to mom. Also I think because I had a terrible breakfast and awful snack, I felt terrible that morning. After that all the terrible happened that morning I started heading to the soccer stadium to play the big tournament. Lots of cars were there when I arrived. Before the big game, or maybe I should call tournament started, we stretched while…show more content…
That moment was my best time and also very nervous time that I ever had in my whole life. Because of the parents cheering for our team, we won the 1st game by score 6 to 0. I also scored one goal from that game. We were very happy. After the game ended, we went to our coach, then he said “Good job everybody!!” I think the reason that he told us that was because, our plan worked exactly. Our plan was to zigzag pass and pass to the player that is good at dribble, then quickly the person that is good at shooting runs toward the goal and he scores. That plan worked for every single goal that we made in game one. After the 1st game, we ran to our parents and our parents gave us a big hug. We drank some water and we were being ready for the 2nd game listening the plan from our cool, handsome
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