Personal Narrative Essay: The Boston Marathon

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BOOM! Thunder and rain shattered my eardrums as we passed the 20th McDonalds that day. The rain was coming down so hard that we could hardly see the road. This vacation will be one to remember. Every year, we go to Missouri to visit my mother’s family. It’s the same every time, but I strangely enjoy it. Our tradition, for the trip, is always the same. We stop in Terre Haute to eat at Cracker Barrel. I always get their buttermilk pancakes with gooey maple syrup. Also, we stop at Effingham to get a snack from one of the Marathon gas stations there. When we got to our Aunt Janice’s house, it was like finishing the Boston marathon.

Our Aunt Terry is usually there waiting for us, every year, and says the same thing every time, which is “Hello. Hello. Hello. How’s everyone doing?” Let’s see what we can make of this. We got there on the
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We arrived at the Six Flags parking lot once again with the same weather forecast, which was Noah’s Ark. Our decision was to go play laser tag. I still had fun though. We had nicknames for each set of laser tag equipment, and it was superhero names! How awesome is that! My name was Spiderman, which is my second favorite superhero. Around 2:00, the sun was finally shown to me. As soon as we could, we hopped into the car and dashed to Six Flags. For the rest of the day,It was the most fun I had during the whole trip. we were all practically running to the rides though, and the heat wasn’t helping either. This vacation will surely be one to…show more content…
I might have talked negatively about everything, but there were some perks. This trip showed me that I always need to enjoy the moments I have with my family. Now, I know not to be the fuddy dud of the group and take a few chances. In conclusion, I did have fun during the trip, and I know that it only matters if you have your family by your
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