Personal Narrative Essay: The Brown Paper Bag

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The Brown Paper Bag
As I walked in at my daughter’s school cafeteria, I saw different scenarios. For instance, I sat next to her and her friends who were having a great time; they were talking about their classes and such. On the other side of the cafeteria, sitting on another table, I spotted a little boy. He was sitting alone, and in front of him I saw a sack lunch. That specific meal (if we can call it a meal) is a cold lunch. In addition, the lunch is consisted of one ham and cheese sandwich, an apple and a milk. It comes in a brown paper bag and we all know that the child eating that type of lunch, certainly cannot afford to buy a meal from school.
I worked for the school district for many years and saw those types of issues every day. Of course I was always the one to dig money out of my pocket, and buy those children hot lunches. It broke my heart to see them eating alone. Either they were embarrassed or felt humiliated for having the so infamous “brown paper bag.”
I came across an article written by Tereza Thomas called “Federal Government Picks up Tab For More School Meals” from the Mail Tribune, where she interviews Heidi
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One of the few reasons were “no more hungry children” and “school employees are no longer debt collectors”; Who wants to be in charge of collecting payments from children? Another very strong reason Kevin Mathews states, goes along with what I said about differentiating children. He says that providing free meals to school children, “it eliminates the class divide.” And there is the most important reason in my opinion: “Nutritional possibilities.” All children should have the opportunity to have a decent nutritional meal every day. It doesn’t matter if they can’t afford it or
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