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There was a time when my daughter went to hold my hand to puts lotion on it and I believe I shocked her for a brief moment, as she said, “Mom, your hands feel Grandma’s hands used to feel like. You know, soft but like your skin is thinning.” I did know, as I had started to notice the change in my own hands myself. But hands have always been a mystery and a miracle to me. You see, I love hands. I love holding the hands of children, elderly people, my husband, my family, it doesn’t matter; I’m demonstrative and have no fear showing my emotions. Holding hands appears to be the such a simple easy way to connect with people. Plus there is a sense of security that goes with this simple act. And, it certainly doesn’t hurt that I am a huggy person.…show more content…
Here is where I am truly amazed. Both are young and still impressionable, however I can already see certain aspects of their personalities set firm as concrete. We have sleep-overs occasionally and these special events are the most precious time for me to observe them growing up. Now, their mother has often said that my grand-daughter is a mini-grandma, as she too is an Type-A personality. She holds me responsible, because I taught her at age four to play Candy Land by the rules. I thought that was important. At first glance I imagined my daughter was joking but she seemed somewhat astounded that I wanted her child to follow the rules. She was also shocked when I taught this same grandchild at an early age to color within the lines…Mom immediately told her to color wild, color outside the lines, color however you feel. Hey, what are lines for? I guess I didn’t get the memo, so we had a discussion on “mother techniques” as I think all daughters have with their own mothers. But guess what? My grand-daughter insists that all games be played by the rules and is the most talented artist I know at her young age of 10. She is also extremely compassionate with animal rights and nearly is a vegetarian. This little lady would make a great protestor for PETA. Did I help with any of this? Absolutely not. These feelings in her are deep inside this child and no one is going to make her any other way, but her mother will guide her to be a good person, a responsible person; she’ll never change her Type A personality. She is a Type A personality like me and we can’t deal with casual lay back rules…we just can’t. Rules are made for a reason. Now I simply adore this child from head to toe, but I do wish I could warn her now that while her personality will help her get to where she wants to go, by the time she gets to Act 3, she is going to be exhausted. She will be so burned out from doing everything perfect, and making everything right, and
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