Personal Narrative Essay: The Chicago Pride Parade

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The event that I went to this summer represented a groups identity and was known as the Chicago Pride Parade. I went this summer with my two best friends Kierra and Nakiya to Chicago to visit my grandparents and other relatives. During our stay in Chicago, we saw that there was a pride parade happening on June 26th and we wanted to go because we have never been to a pride parade before. My grandparents were at first hesitant in letting us go down to the city for the Pride parade because of the Orlando shooting that just happened about two weeks prior. But my friends and I convinced my grandparents to drive us down to the city to see the parade. My grandparents droved us to the parade and dropped us off about a block or two down from Broadway…show more content…
When my friends and I see the drag queen my friend Nakiya asked him to take a picture so they did. After they took the picture Nakiya asked what his name was he told us his that people call him voodoo when he is in drag but his real name was David. My friends and I then asked him what was the difference between a drag queen and a transgender and he told us that they are two different life styles. He said that a transgender was someone who identifies themselves as someone of a different gender like a man identify himself as a women. And a drag queen is a man who can be gay or straight that likes to wear women’s clothing or perform in women’s clothing. Before we walked off and said goodbye to Voodoo/David, he then asked us where we were from because he could hear our southern accents. We told him South Carolina and he then said that he was originally from New Orleans and that’s how he got his drag name Voodoo because all of his friends in Chicago think that’s what New Orleans people do is practice Voodoo. My friends Nakiya, Kierra and I then walked back to the street where we got dropped off at by my grandparents to leave and we saw a group of people in a
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