Personal Narrative Essay: The Consequences Of Cheating In School

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Williker told us that from now on our phones were to be put in the bucket before class and he would put the bucket under his desk. He also said if anyone had a problem with putting their phones in the bucket they could go to the office for the rest of the class. No one has said a word and I just sat there. Mr. Williker looked really disappointed; that was also an indication that something had happened.
The nerves I was feeling in that moment were wild. Mr. Williker said that he had gotten an anonymous tip that people had cheated on the recent exam. The next thing he said was what put me in utter fear. He said that if no one confessed or told who it was then the entire class would get a zero. Everyone just sat there, no one said anything.
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I went to my original class after, the hallway was unusually quiet and not many people were even there. Classrooms were full; I think everyone was pretty scared about everything going on, especially because anyone could be accused. Once you’re accused you basically have to admit to it or else worse consequences will happen. The whole week had been crazy. I just can’t wait to get it over with. The rest of the day was pretty much how it always is except for the huge fact that no one was talking to anyone. Johnny and I were also barely talking which was strange. Also, today was the first day someone had admitted to cheating on the exam. It was Jade, he was the first once to admit to it. Johnny told me he admitted to it this morning before class. Smart move before he got expelled. Even if i had not cheated, I should still probably confess just so I wouldn’t get expelled. Day by day, people would admit to cheating. Each time people started easing up more and more. The school really became to become itself again, I didn’t have any friends before but now, I definitely don’t have any friends. Johnny came up to me before history and told me he was going to go tell the principal that he was also one of the people that cheated. I went into complete shock. It explains why he wouldn’t tell me who he saw cheating though. Later, Johnny told me all about what the principal said which wasn’t really anything that she didn’t already

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