Personal Narrative Essay: The Dallas Cowboys

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You’ll never believe what happened…here’s a little backstory. I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan from birth and I have always wanted to go to one of their games, but there would never be enough time, even if we were playing the New York Giants…. I was walking to class and because I was already late, the hallway was empty. I saw two of my favorite football players Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott from the Dallas Cowboys. They were inviting me to their home game and I would have to go with them and miss class or miss the game entirely and go to class. I thought about what we were doing in class that day and I was more for the game than I was for class, sorry; no offense to the class but I would have never thought that I would be able to go to the game. Plus, I would get field side access, free food, and a chance to even participate in the game. Once…show more content…
We won the game, beating the Giants and I was able to score one of their touchdowns. The fans of the away team were not really happy with it, but it made me really happy. I spent the rest of my day heading back home from this crazy experience. I suddenly began to hear names in the background calling my name. I was scared at first because the flight attendant was also calling my name and I did not know who to listen to. When it all went away, I took a nice nap because I was tired and I woke up in the nurse 's office, not remembering a single thing that was happening. I was obviously confused with the situation that I was being placed in at that time, but I knew that I could trust them. She told me that I had come earlier that day and complained of a headache and was told to lie down. I took a nap and missed some of my next class. She then wrote me a pass and this is really why I was late. It was sad to know that this really never came true and I never actually met them and never actually scored a touchdown. I kind of ruined my day, but I will always be ready to learn
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