Personal Narrative Essay: The Day I Changed My Life

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It was cold winter day. The wind was knocking over bins and trees were scaring people with their shadows. Now I don 't want to sound like an ice queen, but the cold never bothered me. For the past two years, I mainly stayed inside playing games and making youtube videos. This might sound boring, but for me, it was fun as hell and it allowed me to enjoy life like I always have. My name is Jack Heartly and I 'm a youtube gamer that managed to survive being an orphan by uploading videos. Ever since I was born I have had people pitying me every step of the way. For the first few years of my life I didn 't understand, but then again I didn 't understand a lot of things until I was about 7. At the age of 7, I found out why people had been pitying me this whole time by listening to the conversation between some of the nuns working at the orphanage. On the day I was born I had lost my Mum and Grandfather. Along with my family, I lost all the money that I should have inherited that would allow me to live an easy life. This was because my mother had died from liver cancer after giving birth to me and my grandfather decided to…show more content…
After picking up the ingredients from the store I was walking home. Down and alleyway on my left I noticed a little boy with a dirty face laying on the ground with torn clothes on. With panicked steps, I slowly made my way over to the little boy. At a closer look, he seemed to be around 7. As I bent down to shake the boy and check his pulse I felt a shot of pain. Looking down at my chest I saw a small steady hand holding the handle of a knife that had been plunged deep inside of me, "ahh shit, I died a cliche death". My body slumped over as I fell to the floor, my face connecting to the cold snow covered concreate. The only warmth I had was my blood dripping from the open wound in my chest. With my conscious fading, I felt a small hand go into my pocket and take my wallet while a cute, but menacing chuckle echoed in the alleyway. Then
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