Personal Narrative Essay: The Day I Cut The Lawn

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When I was in the third grade I cut the lawn for the first time. In my third grade eyes cutting the lawn was a huge deal. In my neighborhood at the time, the only people that cut the lawn was other adults, which gave me a step up from all the other kids in my neighborhood. Now by the time I was in fourth grade I became pretty good at cutting the lawn. It took a moment for me to realize that parents are very busy with their schedules and most of the time would rather sleep in on a Saturday morning than wake up at 7 to cut the grass before it got too hot.
Mowing my lawn became a piece of cake and I wanted something harder to do. So I went to school and asked some of my friends “would you like to make some money” and most of them said no but my best friend at the time said yes. The next day my friend and I went down his neighborhood asking people if they would like their grass cut by us most of the people said no
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We could feel the heat beating down on our backs as we pushed the lawnmower across the grass. We pushed both lawn mowers back and forth ensuring that we kept a straight pattern so we looked as professional as possible. After we finished half of the front lawn we took a break and started to ring out our shirts and noticed that it was 9:30 and we still haven't even started the back. We got up and rushed through the front not worrying about keeping any of the lines straight even though it's what we promised. We finished the front by 9:45 and trying to beat the heat we pushed our mowers through the lawn-messing up by cutting a random line in the grass-When we got to the back we figured it would be best if we cut it long because even though it might not look as good it’s twice as fast. After finishing the back lawn we rang the doorbell and told the man we finished cutting the grass he came outside looked at the front yard and I could see the disappointment in the man's
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