Personal Narrative: My First Vietnam War

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I was standing in front of a store doorway. Dressed in a brown shirt, a gun weaved in both hands and a straight face. I was only with my thoughts, which had made me reminisce about the past. I was thinking of the war. The day I was leaving I said goodbye to my wife and my children. I kissed my 10-year-old daughter goodbye, but even though she was 10 she couldn’t grasp the reality of what was happening. Next, I said goodbye to my son, he was 13; old enough to take care of himself but we wanted him to stay around a little longer. Lastly, I said goodbye to my wife, my beautiful darling wife with 2 children to raise on her own. I was having second thoughts but there was no chance I could ever change my decision. As I kissed the top of her forehead and gave her a hug I wish could last forever; There was a knock on the…show more content…
I was pulled out with only the clothes I was wearing and they tossed me a gun. With no words, they pointed to the back of a car. There was hardly any space for people to fit in the back but they made us hop in there anyway. As the truck starts to move off to the battlefield; my wife and children waved goodbye with a gloom face fearing if I would come back alive. As I was remembering my story, I started to get angry. Going back to my thoughts, I remember the day I came back. The saddest day of my life. I was so happy to see my family. As I walk up until my street all I saw were crumbled houses for a distance. My mood had gone from happy to worried, so I started to run. As I arrived at where my house used to be I saw Three bodies, buried in the ash of wood and all I could think of was why me. I still feel the regret of leaving them. I soon was told that I need to go to this training camp. I went through brutal training. I had cuts and bruises it was like the war all over again. Soon after that, I was given a uniform. It was a brown shirt, some pants, a nice cap, and a gun. I learned that there were a lot of people like
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