Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Of The Big Game

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The Day of the Big Game Have you ever been so nervous for something but also super excited at the same time? This happened to me on the day of my first tackle football game against our team 's biggest rivals (Linganore), in front of my family and friends on a perfect day for football. That is a day I will never forget. For the last few years I’ve had a love for football, but was only allowed to play flag football (no tackle football). I disliked flag football and was so happy when I finally was allowed to sign up for Urbana Hawks tackle football this Fall. I bought all of my equipment over the Summer, practiced, and was ready to play. I also was so excited to find out that my neighbor and best friend (Tony) was on my team. It was time…show more content…
We got in the car for a really short drive to Legacy Field (the Urbana Hawks sports stadium) which was not far from our house. The whole drive was nerve-racking because I was thinking about all of the mistakes I might make in the game. I had the worst butterflies I’ve ever had in my stomach! Tony and I got to the game and met our team, put on pads, and started stretching. “Its gametime Chase. Get ready to do your best” said Coach Tomasulo. Those words gave me courage that I could power through this. We made it down to the field with cheerleaders holding a banner and our coaches near us. Then Gavin Beck (a teammate) gave a speech to us and right after that we ran through the banner like we were the strongest people in the world. I was so excited at that time I felt like that I could fly. Then music came on, and the kick return unit (which I was a part of) started the game. A kid on my team named Nathan who was a good fullback muffed the kick, the other team got it, and down went our hearts. Sadly the game continued like this and unfortunately we lost 25-0. At the end of the game, I felt tired and sad about that we lost my first game as a tackle football player. But I still learned a lot from the experience and tried to remember that there 's always the next game. I couldn 't have let that first loss take me down in new favorite sport of tackle football. Our team learned a

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