Personal Narrative Essay: The Death Of Gran Torino

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I cannot believe how Walt is the one who supports me the most after I tried stealing his Gran Torino. It was a quite night sitting outside with my sister when my cousin’s gang arrived that night. I knew they were going to cause trouble and in less than a minute I got tackled and being forcefully dragged to the car, Luckily Walt was there with a gun or I would have been murdered by my own cousin. He protected us but he still didn’t like us then, we got told to get off his lawn. The following day my family had a party at our house and I sat in the basement in the corner not socializing, I was a quiet kid then an introvert. Then I saw Youa on the couch with the other guys, and I thought to myself “dam she’s out of my league”. Youa was the prettiest lady I have seen in my life and she is smart too. Every…show more content…
Walt came running in with a gun and he was in shocked, he asked where Sue was but when we called her she didn’t answer. Later in the night she came home all bloody and bruises everywhere, everyone knew what happened to her and It was disgusting. Walt was in shocked and ran back to his house. The next day I asked Walt for a solution to this and to go to their house and kill them all, all he did was planning quietly the whole day, later in the day I went to his house and got locked up in the basement, he was going to the house alone. When Sue came to let me out and we drove to the gang’s house, there were police cars and an ambulance carrying what seemed to be Walt because the rest of the gang were in handcuffs. I was crying and I had flash backs of Walt. During the time, I was with Walt, he taught me different things and started to treat me better. He may seem like an asshole to work with but he was the one that supported me even after I tried to steal his car, Ironically, he allowed me to use his car for a date with Youa, that was the best day of my
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