Personal Narrative Essay: The Des Plaines River Trail

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Ever since I acquired my first bysicle at the age of six, I was certain that biking would forever be my favorite pastime. I felt like I could go on my bike for an eternity and never become fatigued. If I were to ever get lost, my supreme navigational skills would place me back on the right track, or so I thought. My belief was soon to be challenged

Fresh out of my junior year of high school, summer was in full swing. Only having my phone and a bottle of water, I hit the streets. The Des Plaines River Trail, a lengthy trail which I was unfamiliar with, was only ten miles away from my house. As I arrived, I noticed that there was a map beside the trail presenting a variety of paths. I intentionally disregarded the map. There was no need to examain it. I was, after all, a supreme navigator.
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The rain began to pour heavily. Soon after, the dirt beneath my feet became moist which made difficult to progress. My clothing became drenched. It was then I knew that I have failed. A feeling of sorrow filled my heart. I am lost, cold, and wet. What was I to do? I laid down and began to weep. Even though no one was around, I felt embarrassed. Being 16-years-old and displaying these kinds of emotions made me feel like less of a man. Even so, I couldn't hold back. My eyes continued to emit tears. After about five minutes, I see a light in the distance, but then it fades away. I walked my bike in the direction of where I had seen the light. I've reached a road. I pull out my phone. Unfortunately, the rain has damaged my phone, and it no longer operated properly. I continued to walk by the road, hoping for the best. Multiple cars pass by, but they are of no use to
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