Personal Narrative Essay: The Drive To Malibu Beach

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We drove down the 405-freeway filled with traffic and angry drivers. The brick walls as we drove soon turned into the beach scenery. As I sat in the passages seat, I noticed the traffic ahead hadn’t moved an inch. Angry and impatient drivers honking and giving one other the middle finger as they attempted to cross lanes. I turned up the profanity filled music a little louder to drown out my hate for California traffic. The drive to Malibu beach was always terrible but beautiful scenery of the beach made the drive worth wild. As we made a left turn in the parking lot, the beach came into view. Everyone fighting over parking spots as the beach was already packed at 12 o’clock in the afternoon. As I stepped out the car the sun beamed on high.…show more content…
Their mothers laying on towels trying to get 4 shades tanner. Couples walking along the beach having conversations and holding hands. Hot guys playing football shirtless, made the ocean look basic and soon my attention was on them. Surfers padding their way out in hopes of catching a big wave. Most of them falling but always getting back up to try again. As I laid on my towel listening to Chance the Rapper, in hopes of getting a nice tan, 2 young boys ran by kicking sand in my direction cause me to yell and dodge getting hit by the football being thrown. I looked over to see my friends standing in front the ocean trying to get the perfect Instagram picture. I stood in front of the beach water debating whether not to get in. The blue greenish water crashes back and forth on the shoreline. The sound of the waves was soothing minus the kids beside me screaming at the top of their lungs, but hey it’s the beach. The cold salty water covered my feet causing me to move back a bit. As the ocean retracted back, it felt as if I was moving with the waves. I closed my eyes as the algae filled air took over my sense of smell. Loud sea gulls called out as they are looking for food, interrupting my
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