Personal Narrative Essay: The Ellen Show

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It’s only Wednesday, but I am getting ready for the holidays! Exchanging gifts with friends, I was gifted the most hideous Christmas sweater with a TV theme. It’s a knitted, ugly sweater with the colors of the season. The front has a picture of a TV set with monsters on the screen looking corny. If that wasn’t ugly enough, it’s been personalized to include famous TV actors making weird faces on the back. It’s a beauty that will have people stopping to compliment. I joke, it probably will stop traffic, but only because I am blinding them by revolting garment. When will I wear this ugly sweater? Just as soon as it freezes around here…Keep in mind I live in Hollywood. It might be a while. ‘South Park’ season finale: Eric Cartman wants to go to mars The season…show more content…
There has been a lot of hype (and so much excitement) about this unique showing of an iconic story. Don’t worry, this show is expected to be flawless. With weeks in rehearsal, these actors are going to be extremely comfortable sharing the story on NBC. The best part? The amazing cast! Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Kristin and Derek Hough Miranda Lambert performs on ‘Ellen Show’ The fans of “The Ellen Show” got a treat when Miranda Lambert performed her Grammy nominated song “Vice.” So what is so special about this performance? Not only is it perfect timing after the Grammys made the nominee announcements, it’s just a great song when performed live that sounds even better. Take a peek at the video clip to see this talented performer! And Finally… Bill Murray sings happy birthday to 94-year-old fan Bill Murray probably made his older fan delighted earlier this week. The talented entertainer was at the Baylor vs Xavier men 's basketball game and met Noah Wible. The man’s dream was to get a picture with Murray and his grandmother. Not only did that happen, Murray got about 100 people to sing her happy birthday. It’s a heartwarming moment that’s truly

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