Personal Narrative Essay: The Experience Of My Dreams

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I sat straight up in my bed, my back soaked with sweat. This would be the third time this week i've had a nightmare. I ran a hand through my damp hair and slowly turned myself so my feet were touching the hardwood floors. I got up and stretched my arms, trying to loosen my very tight shoulder blades. I rolled my shoulders back and then opened my door to walk down the stairs. The rain was still beating against the rooftop like african drums. It calmed me down as I got to the end of the stairs. I went to the counter and start the coffee maker. While the coffee was brewing and sat on the couch thinking to myself. Wondering why I was having the same dream constantly over the past few weeks. It seemed ever since we moved to this crap town, my dreams have been getting worse and worse. There was something I couldn’t put my finger on. The beeping of the coffee maker brought me back to reality. I got up and pour myself a cup of joe. I added two packets of hot chocolate mix, just the way I like it. I sat on the couch drinking my…show more content…
I’m actually a pretty good student when I want to be. It was the people around me that made it a living nightmare. It wasn’t like they were mean or anything it was just so annoying. After going to 15 different schools you kinda realize that the stereotypes are true. You have the emos and or goths. The hipsters and theatre geeks.Then you have the Music department which is basically just the band and the choir kids. They really don’t get out much as far as I can tell. Then it’s your nerds and the jocks. However, if there is one type of people I hate most in the world are preppies. The people who think the world is in the hands and get what they want when they want. Normal people like me barely get by, while they laugh at others for their cheap clothes or their untrendy hairstyle. So after about a week or two at Golden Creek High, I basically had the entire student body

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