Personal Narrative Essay: The Fear Of Clowns

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I have always been the adventurous type, I always sneak out of my window that's above my parents room and walk through the forest and lay in the field behind my house. The sky was mesmerizing after dark with the stars and the clouds. Laying on the ground, looking up into the sky, and trying to figure out what object the stars formed is relaxing to me. Almost every day my parents are yelling at my older sister, so I can get away with anything. I could walk out the front door at eleven o’clock at night and they wouldn’t notice me. I could come in at five o’clock in the morning and they wouldn’t even know. Sometimes I do get tired of the yelling and screaming, so I walk around in our neighborhood or walk in the forest farther than I got the day…show more content…
I turn the key in the lock and open the door. In horror, I saw a room full of clown figurines on balloons, cardboard cutouts, pictures, and anything you could imagine to have a clown on it. I have coulrophobia which is the fear of clowns. I have had it since I was 5 when my uncle decided to jump out at me as I was walking to my bedroom and it was not a normal looking clown, it was one that had big teeth and blood on its face. As I flashed back to that day I walk in the house watching every step that I took. I walked up the stairs looking back down at the scary room of clowns. I get up stairs and there are two doors one is red and one is green. I walk towards the green door and I turn the door knob and open the door quickly. The room is filled with spiders which I am also afraid of. I close the door before I could even say spiders and I walk to the red door and there better not be any snakes in there. I open the door and the lights is off so I flick the light on. I see a picture on the dresser across the room and I walk towards it. It’s a picture of me and my family, a gulp and take a couple of steps back and I walk into
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