Personal Narrative Essay: The Feelings Of Being Girly

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I am one of those girls that used to believe that being “girly” was wrong. I disliked the color pink, I hated wearing dresses, and the biggest consequence that came from this dislike of being feminine was that I could care less for hanging out with girls. From about kindergarten to the fourth grade most of my friends were boys and I had very few, if any, girl friends. I had it seared into my small, impressionable mind that being feminine meant that I wouldn’t be able to hang out with my fun guy friends and do the things I normally liked doing. This was mostly subconscious, as on the surface I really just played with who I wanted to play with and for the time being it was mostly boys. As I got older, it became harder to hang onto these friendships;…show more content…
I recall becoming friends with this girl, Nikole, who was seemingly just as stressed out as I was over the impending interaction between us. We’d been sitting next to each other and I noticed she was working in a sketchbook, and her doodles weren’t half bad! They were great actually, and I felt like I should tell her so with a simple, “Hi. Those are neat drawings.” I didn’t give my name or preface anything unnecessary, I merely laid it out to her that I appreciated her art. She reciprocated with a little more moxie, “Oh, thanks. My name is Nikole, what’s yours again?” And this, this was the crack in the ice. Nikole became my friend - my first female friend at this daunting school - and over time from that point on I learned talking to girls wasn’t so hard. I still struggle with, for the most part, all of my conversations, but through time and reflection over my childhood I’ve learned that most people are just as scared to converse with me just as I am with them. Nowadays, my main friend group is composed of guys; nevertheless I’ve acknowledged there are some things that you just can’t relate to guys on. Talking to both girls and boys is equally important, and talking to either or won’t make you less of

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