Narrative Essay: The First Day Of Kinder

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It was the first day of Kinder, Haley was so nervous. Haley was a little girl with fluffy brown hair and brown eyes. She has always been an insecure girl, what will other children think of her? What if she makes no friends, what if no one likes her? All these thoughts came to her mind as she entered to her classroom. There was a sign that said “Kinder” and a blue butterfly. She entered and every head in the room turned to her direction, every eye in the room was looking at her. She felt excited and scared, all at once. As she entered Mrs. Campbell introduced her, she forced her smile while looking at the kids and looking around the room. Suddenly her eye was caught by a little boy, red headed and had freckles. He was looking at the ground…show more content…
“Hi new girl, we don’t like you. You seem too afraid of everything, you never talk and your hair's a mess.” Skye said. The two girls kept insulting and talking horribly to her. Haley had no idea what to do, she was too timid to talk. She felt like there was a hurricane in her mind, she really wanted for people to like her but she was to insecure to even speak. She closed her eyes trying to ignore what these two girls were saying. “Hey!” someone shouted. “Stop being so mean to her”. Haley opened her eyes and there were the two boys she saw before. “What are you going to do about it?” Annie said. “Nothing, just stop or I’ll tell the teacher!” one of the boys said. “Oh not the teacher, if by parents receive another behavior note by parents will take by barbies for one week!” Skye said. They left and Haley suddenly felt like a huge, heavy backpack had fallen off her shoulders. “T-thanks f-for that.” Haley said timidly. “No problem” the read head boy said. Haley smiled, they smiled back. “What’s your name by the way?” said the boy with glasses. “M-Haley, what’s y-yours?”she said. “My name is Henry, his name is Roland.” Henry said pointing at Roland. “Nice to meet you” she…show more content…
It was 2:45 am and they were all so fatigued. They were all laughing about stuff that happened at the party. Suddenly, Henry said “Guys let’s go home, it was so cool but I’m really tired and we have to finish our project tomorrow”. “You’re right, let’s go” Roland said. It was dark and there was a cold breeze, they were closer and closer. Abruptly a car was crazy fast and started to drive in an insane way! Roland was hugging Haley because he was covering her with his jacket. They turned their head left and they saw a car coming right at them! “WATCH OUT!” Henry screamed. Roland and Haley felt a push and heard a roaring noise. That’s when they looked and Henry was in the ground, with his eyes closed, blood in his head, and his glasses were broken. That’s when Haley’s and Roland’s heart and brain stopped for a moment. They felt the breeze stronger than ever, their heart was hard as a stone. As their wide eyes couldn’t stop

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