Hairwomen Analysis

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It was the first morning of high school. She, whose name I do not know yet, was very nervous about school. She had new notebooks, a new skirt, that she hated, and a stomachache. She is waiting for the bus to pick her up. She did not know where to sit when the bus had arrived. She thought if she sat in the front, it would make her look like a little kid. If she had sat in the middle, a stranger could possible sit next to her.
As she go on the bus she just sat somewhere. She was sitting all by herself. She was worried someone would sit next to her. On the bus someone was wearing too much cologne. She tried to open the window but the little latches wouldn’t move. She called herself an outcast. She said there was no point to looking for her ex-friends. There was no point for looking because they parted their
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Her English teacher takes twenty minutes taking attendance because she does not look up at them. Her teacher does not talk directly to them meaning she does not face them when she teaches. She calls her “Hairwomen” cause that is all she sees is her hair. Her teacher makes them write in their journals and she promises not to read them. Because of that she writes about how weird she is.
Her social studies teacher is Mr. Neck. Neck told her that he has his eyes on her. She really believes that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. She did not bring a lunch today because she did not know what the acceptable fashion will be. Whether it be a brown paper bag or a terminal geek gear.
This kind of reminds me of my eighth grade English teach. She would take forever to take role because she would lose track or get distracted by the other students. She would always get distracted. Once she went on and on about a piece of gum advertisement for the whole class period. It had no relation to what we were doing at all. It makes me wonder if her teacher is gonna do something of the same
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