Descriptive Essay: The First Day Of Elementary School

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The first day of elementary school is a monumental memory for children and their parents. The aroma of cinnamon rolls filled the air as my mom prepared me for my first day as a kindergartener. My pink sparkly bookbag sits next to the door beside my new light up velcro tennis shoes. My mom opted to buy me the velcro shoes because she did not know how I would be able to tie my shoes utilizing only my left hand. Chris is my older brother and he was going to be starting fourth grade at Highland Elementary School. Chris, my mom and I packed into the Nissan, fastened our seatbelts and started off on our journey. Butterflies danced in my tummy before my mom reached the curb of the school, “have an amazing first day you two, I love you with all my…show more content…
In the backseat my parents set up the travel movie screen strapped onto the headrest of the passenger seat. Finding Nemo played as I caught glimpses of the world passing by through the window. The pale buildings stood out against the bright blue clear sky. The car suddenly halted in a parking space. As my dad opened the car door for me, a slight breeze whisked my light blonde hair into my face merely tickling my nose. My dad held my hand as we walked toward the row of buildings. I noticed that the center building stood taller amongst the others. The front door pulled apart and a gust of wind pressed against our faces as we crossed the threshold of the building. The lady at the front desk welcomed us to Walter Reed Military Medical Center before prompting my dad to retrieve his military I.D. card. My dad reached deep into his back pocket, flipped through the wallet sized pictures of my brother and I and then almost magically whisked his I.D. out and presented it to her. She then encouraged us to take a seat and they would call us back shortly. My eyes scanned the room for an open seat and suddenly they halted at the young man with a robotic looking leg. I suddenly knew that this hospital was a haven for people like me,
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