First Day Of School: A Short Story

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I groan at the sound of my alarm clock waking me up for the first day of school. I roll over in the bed and realize Pierson is not there. I begin to worry, but then I hear him in the kitchen. Since it's the first day of school, I want dress nice today so that I can disappointment my classmates by dressing like a garbage man for the rest of the year. I put on the yellow dress I wore to the wedding and pair of matching shoes. I'm too lazy to do my hair, as a result I leave it curly. I walk into the kitchen to see Pierson making breakfast. "You're making breakfast for me on my first day of school? I feel so special." I say dramatically. "One time and one time only, don't flatter yourself." He laughs. "Oh shucky darns." I do a weird…show more content…
"What do you mean?" I ask, confused. "This is school, not a runway fashion show." He points at my dress. "Oh put a sock in it, you tangled umbilical cord." I shake my head while opening my locker and grabbing everything I need to head to first hour. As I was walking, a guy playing on his phone runs into me. However, I remain stable enough to keep everything in my hands. "Watch where you're going." He says. "Bitch? Watch where you're going." I correct him. "Don't play tough little girl." He hisses. "I'll drop your ass flat right here, come at me." I'm serious about this right now. "No, no you will not. Come on Prim." I am pulled away from the boy I've seen before by one of friends, Vivian. "I was going to drop him." I swing my fist in the air. "Yeah, I bet." She says sarcastically. "Do you want to get dropped too?" I jokingly ask. Vivian and I part ways as I head to my first hour class, Economics. "Class please remain on the wall, you have a seating arrangement." Mr. Winters says to all of us entering the classroom. After the bell rings and we're all in the room he begins to tell us the seating
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