Reflective Essay: The First Day Of Kinder Garden

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It was the first day of Kindergarten. I went to Roosevelt Elementary, I walked in with no friends having no clue I was going that I was going to be stuck in school for the next fourteen years. I walked into Mrs. Kramers class, I see all the toys she had in the back, a toy kitchen, and a painting corner. Later on, I found myself friends with Alison, she had long blonde hair with glasses. She was so nice and fun to play with, we would even hang out after school together. We always played together at Recess until one day when this little girl named Keri with long hair and bangs came over stole Alison from me. So every other day Keri and I would take turns playing with Alison. I always hated the recesses by myself. Then one day Alison was gone,…show more content…
It was ok because Keri would get in trouble with me. Once in first grade every time we learned a new word Mrs. Conaway would staple it under the letter of the alphabet. We were getting ready for PE and the whole class was ready except for Angel, Keri and me. We still had to change into our PE shoes, so the class left and we would meet them in the gym when we are ready. As I was waiting for Keri and Angel put on their shoes I said, “I dare you to rip a word off the word wall.” Keri thought I was joking so she said, “only if you do it first”. So I ripped a word down. Angel and Keri couldn’t believe that I actually did it. Keri went ahead and ripped one too, so did Angel. We couldn 't believe we actually did that so I said, “I dare you to take off two”. By the time we thought we should be heading down to gym the words “W” through “Z” were off the wall. After PE we had recess but Mrs. Conaway found out that someone ripped words off the word wall. Angel, Keri and I were looking back at each other, faces all red. We did not want to speak up and say it was us. Mrs. Conaway said, “ We are not going to recess until someone comes forth and claims that they did this”. OUr whole class was getting mad. Shouting out, “ come on” and “I wanna go to recess”. I had a feeling Mrs. Conaway new it was us she just wanted us to come forth. There were fifteen minutes left of the recess so Mrs. Conaway said, “ok you guys can go outside but I want…show more content…
Koehler she was always happy she cried every time someone from the past came into her room. Keri and I became friends with Lexi, she had short blonde hair and was always someone you could talk to. We called ourselves, “KKL” Our mom’s names also went with “KKL” Mrs. Koehler never really liked us three we would always talk during class. We were each on the opposite sides of the room so we would get up and pass papers to each other and we were not very good at that. She caught us right away. She even made a speech to the whole class saying you shouldn’t have a three friend group because one person’s always left out. Which wasn’t the case with us because we would only do things that we three can do or we would take turns. Everyone knew that speech was about us. My elementary years were fun. I have the most memories during elementary because they were with my closest
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