Personal Narrative Essay: The First Day Of Middle School

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The first day of middle school for me was both terrifying and exciting. I made a lot of new friends within the year. I remember the first day very well. I had woke up at 5;30 a.m. I was extremely tired. All i wanted was to throw my alarm clock across the room and sleep for the rest of the day. I could smell my mom making breakfast, it was pancakes my favorite. I finally got up after smelling that. While I was getting ready, was kinda excited to be in the sixth grade. I was finally in middle school. However, I was also extremely scared. I was thinking about how my classes would go? Are my teachers nice? Am I gonna have classes with my friends? After I ate breakfast, I got in the car with my mom and met up with my best friend Kalliee so we could at least walk in together because we didn 't have any classes together.

As Kalliee and I were walking in, the first thing I did was drop something. The the I dropped was of course my deodorant. Kalliee was already way ahead of me too. I walked in my myself and it smelled like
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The first day of middle school is also the first day I have ever rode the bus. I don 't really like riding the bus because it 's loud, the bus smells weird, and it 's way too crowded. OI got lost the first time trying to find my bus. I walked around for like five minutes trying to find bus number nine. Luckily my friend Mackenzie told me which bus to ride that would take me to the same place. I rode bus 24 and turns out my friends rode that bus and so the boy that i liked at the time. However, my home bus driver wasn 't the nicest person either. His name was Carl and drove bus number 31. He was really old, had a head full of grey hair, and always loved getting people in trouble. I had never gotten trouble with him though all year and I was surprised. The reason is probably was because he knew my mom really well. He was her bus driver when she was in school. That was like 20 something years ago too, it kinda tells you how old my mom and my bus
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