Personal Narrative Essay: The First Day

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The plane landed and I was unbuckled and out of my seat before we made it to the gate. First class and people with small children be damned I’m getting off this fucking tin clycleder first. The flight attendnet made a face that said bring it and I would so fucking bring it, she wouldnt know what fucking hit her. I am Isbella Cullen and I will tear anyone apart if they tried to stop me from getting off the plane. The gross faced woman better have brung her lunch and a few friends if they wanted to come up against me. I am pumped and ready to go. Once the planed stopped at the gate I rushed to the door. The gross one tried to say soemting but one others stopped her and whispered in her ear. Gross face took another look at me and smiled opeing the door for me. As I walked threw the gate I relized the ugly attendant looked familier but I fly all the time so that must be it. I couldnt care less who she was. When I got…show more content…
I wiggled out of their arms and raced to the eleveator to get to the ICU. I wasn’t sure where would they be but if it was bad that’s where Carlie would have put them. The elevator couldn’t move fast enough, if I was thinking straight I could have just taken the stairs and been there by now. The doors open and it was like I walked into a void of white light. Beeping and alrms where coming form somewhere and something told me to follow it. Nurses passed me and doctors where barking out orders. The commands didn’t make any since but from the look at it, things where out of control. Then I see a familer face in the crowd in the mix of all the doctors and nurces. Its Carlie and without thinking I yell out his name. He looks up at me and tells a nurse to get me to the waiting room. A small framed girl with pink srubs lead me to a large empty room with a few vending machines and a coffe machine. Its amazing how much you notice when you are in shock without relising you are in
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