My First Kill Short Story

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The First Kill

Every night I was forced to walk alone through the City Park. During the day it was a normal place, a huge shady park lined with old, oak trees. I was never afraid of it during the day but in the night it was dark and daunting. I would fear walking through it and always hoped there was someone with me. My dad worked late hours and there was no one at home in the evenings. I was only fifteen so I needed a place to go after school. Every day I boarded the bus from the school gate and after a long boring ride reached the City bus station. After that, I walked through this enormous dreaded City Park to reach Aunt Angela’s house. I waited there endlessly for my Dad to come and take me home. I was not very fond of Aunt Angela but had no choice.
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I remember her sad lonely face, holding my hand and waiting for my dad. He was too busy with his work and life and had no time for us. He was never there when I needed him the most. Not even for my biggest award at school even though he had promised to attend. We were always left stranded alone awaiting him. Mum never showed her anger or hatred, but patiently waited. And finally one day she left home and never came back.
It was a cold winter evening. I had just got off the bus and slowly headed towards the lonely park. Behind me was the flurry of people and buses moving around the bus station. Ahead of me was this huge, lonely stretch of darkness. Like any other day, I was going to Aunt Angela’s house, where I would just wait endlessly for Dad. Today’s evening was supposed to be special and full of celebrations. My schoolmates had been trying to cheer me up the whole day. It was my birthday, I had turned sixteen today. But in reality, there was no party or celebrations. I was alone, walking through this lonely hell. My mind was going through a lot of emotional challenges. I was experiencing fear, loneliness, pain and anger all at once. Out of the corner of my
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