Personal Narrative Essay: The Game Of Softball

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Traumatic. That is the only word I could use to describe the situation that lay before me. The air smelt like chemical cleaner, nothing home-like about it, just a cold reminder of the situation. There was an eerie silence that filled the whole room, each person staring intently, fixed upon something in the middle. I knew what lay beyond the crowd of people, I just wasn’t sure if I was ready to face it. That was until the small pile of crumpled up sheets shifted slightly, emitting an array of labored breaths; each breath shallow, short, and painfully forced.
I walked towards the bed where she lay, white as a ghost, slowly getting colder by the moment. She lightly grabbed my hand and tried to smile through the air mask, using all the energy she
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Ironically, I only had softball practice to make it to, but she told me to go “win the game”; what game she was speaking about? The game of life? Or the game of softball? We may never know.
Her statement made me realize that as humans, we should put everything we have into any event or moment that we are part of. It finally made me understand that I should appreciate the opportunities that are presented to me because not everyone is fortunate enough, whether it be due to wealth, health, or time, to experience everything that I have. Before, I would rush through my schoolwork, softball, and even family events just to get it over with, instead of appreciating each moment, no matter how grueling or tedious it could be. By my former self acting like that, I missed out on many moments that I wish I could rewind and start over: the laughs, smiles, and good fortune. Since life isn’t like a videogame where you can just start over, I have to suffer the consequences to my actions, and learn from my past to change my future for the better.
That's why to this day, I always tell people, show up and give everything you have because you never know when your last moment will be and you don't want to regret anything you've done. Hence live by the motto, seize the
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