My Most Popular Girl Essay

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Hey im alex, this is my life. I Might be the most popular girl in school but I still have my days. I 'm dating the hottest boy in school his name is Joey. Everyone that i 'm not friends with see my life as a amazing fairy tale. Everyone thinks that i 'm just a bitch but that 's not true i 'm actually really nice if you get to know me. People think i 'm going to yell at the if they get too close to me but he isn 't the case. I have a best friend but she 's more of the bossy type and my not a big fan of that. Ever since the last year of middle school i 've been the popular girl. When I was in elementary I was bullied. When I finally moved to new jersey everything changed. When I walked into school everyone stares at me. A week after I started at a new school the cool kids wanted to hang out with me. I felt really special at my old school no one really liked me. After middle school came high school I wasn 't ready. That summer my family and I went to the Bahamas it was a really fun vacation. August school was back, everyone I know started surrounding me when Joey asked me to be his girlfriend. At that moment I froze I didn 't know what to say I was just thinking how the hottest boy in school just asked me out. After saying yes Joey put his arms around me and walked away…show more content…
After being up for awhile I started to think about what jeremiah said last night. I told myself a while back that I would never like jeremiah again but I jeremiah was just a boy I liked he was the first boy I Ever loved. When he told me that last night my stomach filled with butterflies and it brought back bad flashbacks of when jeremiah broke my heart. Jeremiah was my dream boy tall, nice smile, and his funny personality, I hated thinking about this stuff. After think about jeremiah for like hours it felt like i got up and go me a drink of
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