Personal Narrative: The Imitation Game

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The Imitation Game Essay Throughout life people are constantly challenging themselves and accepting difficult tasks. Taking on such tasks may produce beneficial outcomes because they can learn valuable lessons that shape their character. Through the process, they learn that hard work must be put in but they may still fall short. Along the way, they must be willing to change their plans or goals. They also need to look beyond the present and out at their future. By being flexible and looking ahead at the future knowing they might not make it to the end, still results as beneficial and is still an important journey to take when enduring a difficult task. In the Imitation Game, Alan Turing was assigned to a difficult or some might say impossible…show more content…
Even though I ended my career of basketball it allowed me to build friendships. For example, I was able to meet my life long best friend through basketball because she played with us but just went to a different school in the community. With those friendships that I made, I was also able to create memories. I will never forget the time we went to Wasusa for State in 7th grade. I may not remember the plays that we ran, or even if we won the game or not, but I do remember being surrounded by my friends and swimming at the hotel we stayed at. The task of playing basketball was getting to be hard for me. At practice I would give all I could and would still fall short. In seventh grade I ended up falling short and ended up being on the B team, not the team that was classified as good. Even though the task was difficult and I ended up quitting, I was able find some fun in playing. I believe that it is valuable to attempt a difficult task because it shapes who you are, however along the way you need to be willing to adjust your goals and look out for what is best for your future. When I recognized I wasn't getting as much playing time as others and wasn’t up to their skill level I decided I had to look at the future. I realized I would be sitting the bench in high school just like I was in middle school. This made me decide to do what was best for my future which was quit. Just like Alan, I needed to change my…show more content…
People will remember me based on how those situations shaped me and built my character. After watching the Imitation Game and through my experience with basketball, I feel like it is important to take on difficult tasks even if they don't reach their goal or make it to the end. They should learn to be flexible and make a new more realistic goal their previous one fails. Through the process they get to see where their weaknesses and strengths are that help form them into the people they become. Alan is a prime example of altering their expectations because when he did, he could think out of the box and crack the code of Enigma. He looked into the future instead of just at the present and realized he had to win the war to save millions of

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